Big Apple Bagel

Whenever I feel like getting a quick breakfast before class, I usually go to Bruegger’s Bagels on Grand River or any one of the Starbucks around MSU’s campus. I am a bagel person. I love a warmed bagel with a lot of schmear. I love bagel breakfast sandwiches. I love a bagel with some lox on it. I don’t care, just hand over the bagel.  

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This week, I went to Big Apple Bagels on East Saginaw Street here in East Lansing. It’s in a small strip mall. The ambiance of the store was pretty basic, but it was comfortable and I could see myself sitting down to read the paper and eat breakfast. I decided to get two items: a toasted onion bagel with jalapeno cheddar cream cheese and the Southern Traditional Breakfast Sandwich on a toasted Asiago bagel. I got both of these AND a medium coffee for under $10. That put me in a good mood before even taking my food out of the bag. On my Southern bagel, there was scrambled eggs, bacon, and American cheese. I decided to add onion cream cheese for extra creaminess. It. Was. Delicious. There was so much cheese on this sandwich: in the bagel itself, the American cheese, and the cream cheese. I really love cheese, so this is all good in my book. The toasted onion bagel was good in itself; it was toasted wonderfully and wasn’t overdone. The cream cheese inside of it made it spectacular though. The jalapeno cheddar cream cheese was a great balance of heat with sharp cheddar cheese in cool cream cheese.

The coffee, sadly, was nothing special. It was decent and I enjoyed the cup of coffee that brought me back to life for the day. The best thing about it was that I paid under $2 for it – something that I wouldn’t be able to say had I gone to Starbucks for breakfast.

Ratings for Big Apple Bagels (out of 5):

1. Flavor: 4 The bagels had the perfect chewiness and great flavor. The cream cheese selection was unique as well. You could be adventurous with your bagel toppings or have one of their great sandwiches.

2. Price: 5   I got two huge bagels and a medium size coffee for under $10. I had leftovers for a second meal and it tasted just as good the second time around. Great bang for your buck.

3. Selection/Menu: 3   They have a pretty slim menu. Although you can get creative with your toppings or sandwich items, it’s a basic bagel and sandwich shop.

4. Ambiance: 3   Nothing special here. You walk in, get in line, and there’s a decent sized sitting area. However, the fast and kind service made up for lack of interesting decor.


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