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Hello! I’m Kristen, a senior at Michigan State University and a self-proclaimed coffee-a-holic and hopalicious beer lover. Did I make up the word hopalicious? I’m not sure. I’ve lived in East Lansing for almost 4 years now, and I think there is a lot more to explore in East Lansing and downtown Lansing. I want to share my experiences and opinions on restaurants, cool coffee shops, and bars so MSU and LCC students can know more about where they live!

Besides being an Advertising student, I’m a big TV/movie buff. I love talking about TV and movies and I’ve been thinking about moving to Los Angeles or New York City to do marketing for the film industry!  I’m from the Metro Detroit area, and I’ve grown up a big Red Wings fan. Go wings! As much as I love Detroit, I love traveling. Since I was little, my family and I have gone on vacations all around the United States from San Francisco,CA to Newport, RI. I also visited France in high school. Traveling, especially internationally, is such an amazing learning experience that has stuck with me my entire life.

I also love food – which is why I’m so excited about starting this blog. I grew up in Warren, MI, which is just 20 minutes outside of Detroit and the cool food and beverage establishments that reside downtown. I believe the same kind of amazing and delicious place are here in the Lansing area. I hope to unearth some delicious and fun hangouts in the area and rate them based on:

1. Flavor
2. Price
3. Selection/Menu 
4. Ambiance

I’m so excited to start trying some new places around town and I hope I inspire you to go out and try new foods and drinks.

Welcome to my little space on the internet & thanks for stopping by!


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