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Advertising Student  /  Spartan  /  Foodie

Hello! I’m Kristen, a senior at Michigan State University. I’ve lived in East Lansing for a almost 4 years now, and I think there is a lot more to explore in East Lansing and downtown Lansing. I want to share my experiences and opinions on restaurants, cool coffee shops, and bars so MSU and LCC students can know more about where they live!

Who am I? Besides being an Advertising student, I’m a big TV/movie buff. I can watch movies all day and The Food Network endlessly. I grew up in Metro Detroit, and I’m a huge Red Wings fan. Outside of school, I love to travel. I was fortunate enough to have parents who love traveling, so I visited a lot of the United States while growing up and went to France in high school. In each city I visited, it was so cool to see how the culture – including and especially the food and drinks – were different.

What is this blog about? I wanted to start a blog and restaurants, bars, and coffee shops around the Lansing area because as I’ve gone through college, my taste in food and drink has changed a lot. I want to branch out from my usual spots around town. I’ve become a coffee-a-holic and a lover of hoppy beers. I like to try new things at restaurants now instead of always getting what I’ve always stuck with. From my own experience and talking to other MSU and LCC students, many people don’t trek into downtown Lansing to get coffee or a meal. That’s completely understandable because we all get busy with classes, work, and all other hectic parts of life, but I want to adventure to the capitol of my state, see what it has to offer, and share my experiences with people so they can become more knowledgeable about where we live.

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